Vacuum Extractor Can be Harmful


A vacuum extractor is sometimes used in the delivery of a baby if, for example, the baby is in distress or the mother is losing the ability to push. It’s important that the extractor be placed properly on the head, or trauma to the baby’s head and brain can result. If the doctor pulls too hard, this can also be a potential cause of brain damage.


OK. A vacuum extractor is basically an instrument used in the delivery of babies. I brought today a Mighty Vac vacuum and this is an instrument used in many of the hospitals around the country. Vacuums are used when the baby might be in fetal distress, if the baby is almost delivering, and they want
to deliver the baby quickly or the mom is losing her ability to push, she is exhausted you might use a vacuum extractor. There are certain risks involved with using a vacuum extractor. Vacuum extractor needs to be placed right in the center in the back of the head there. If it is misplaced on the side, or the front, that means the baby’s head will not come out correctly and there can be trauma to the head and trauma to the brain.

In addition the vacuum has a pump on it and you see you can pump up the vacuum like this. Well if you pump up the vacuum too hard, and you pull too hard, this can cause injury to the brain because the baby’s head is delicate and there are vessels in the brain, and if you pull too hard with too much pressure it can tear of vessels and cause bleeding in the brain which can cause brain damage. So, vacuums must be used by doctors who are very experienced in their use and if the vacuum doesn’t work you needed to move quickly to cesarean section. If you have any questions regarding vacuum extraction and deliveries you can go to our website, we have a number of articles and pages on vacuum extractions and we can also discuss that with you.