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At Reiter & Walsh American Baby & Child Law Centers, we understand how devastating a birth injury can be to your growing family. Birth injury cases are often incredibly complicated, making it essential for you to choose a law professional who has extensive knowledge about the medical and legal aspects of your situation. Passionate about the work we do, our Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorneys care deeply about each of our clients. We will advocate for your family and give your child a voice.


FEMALE VOICE: It can be one of the most traumatic experiences for any family to go through. Rather than welcoming a newborn baby, they’re forced to deal with a birth injury that leaves their lives forever changed. To make matters worse, these families are left with mounting hospital bills and feeling helpless.

MR. REITER: I’ve always been for the underdog. And so I really feel that someone needs to help these kids against these hospitals. The hospitals aren’t going to do it on their own.

FEMALE VOICE: Approximately seven babies out of 1,000 are injured during labor and delivery. Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy can be devastating and present physical, emotional, and financial challenges for a family. That’s where ABC Law Center comes in. Their attorneys go to battle for you and your family.

MR. REITER: The hospitals aren’t going to do it on their own. They’re not going to come out and say, “You know, we messed up here. We’re going to finance your life.” They don’t do that. So we need to come in here and fight really hard for these kids, and I love doing that.

FEMALE VOICE: With over 55 years combined, the firm specializes in birth trauma law, pregnancy, new born, and birth injuries is all they do 24/7.

MR. REITER: You know, if you have a brain tumor, you want to go to a neurosurgeon or a brain surgeon. You don’t want to go to a general practitioner. It’s the same thing in the practice of law.

FEMALE VOICE: Birth injury cases are among the most complicated. That’s why it’s critical you find someone that understands the medical process as well as the legal process.

MS. PLASTIRAS: I love the opportunity to be in the courtroom and be the voice for my clients. For me, I think the most interesting things is to learn the facts about the case.

MR. REITER: We get to the bottom of it and we get these kids the money they need to hopefully have somewhat of a normal life.

FEMALE VOICE: When you chose ABC Law Center, you’re not just getting an experienced attorney. You’re gaining an advocate for your family.

MS. PLASTIRAS: I think it’s important to emotionally connect with the client but what’s very important is you let the client tell their story.

FEMALE VOICE: This legal team is passionate about fighting for your rights but they’re also passionate about connecting with their clients on a much deeper level.

MR. REITER: I tell them that, you know, I’m going to be your attorney for life. One of the kids I represented about eight years ago, he’s got mild cerebral palsy on half of his body but he graduated from high school and the family sent me a notice. And it was a–it was a huge achievement. It really made me feel good that we were able to help this family out and the kid was able to graduate from high school. So it was–it was a really momentous occasion.

FEMALE VOICE: Giving a voice to those who weren’t given a chance to speak.

MS. PLASTIRAS: Because everything I do, I do to help somebody now. And that’s really important to me and it makes you feel good at the end of every day to go home and know that what you did today furthered somebody, helped somebody out in some way.

FEMALE VOICE: Take back your child’s future by scheduling your appointment today.