Medical Cover-Ups


When medical professionals violate standards of care or make errors, they may try to cover them up. If your doctor covered up an error in you or your child’s care, the team at ABC Law Centers will investigate. We have many medical experts and professionals available to assist us in discovering the truth about your case. By studying a cover-up and determining whether medical malpractice occurred, we can work to obtain the peace of mind and compensation your family deserves.


MR. REITER: A lot of times when a doctor commits a medical error or violates standards of care or safety rules, they will try to cover it up. What I’ve found over the years is that doctors will remove pages from a patient’s medical records. They will write late entry notes in the chart explaining what they did and why they did it after the fact, and they will write over notes. What we do in many of these cases is we will get a forensic document examiner and they will get the entire medical record and go through it page-by-page, scientifically looking for changes and alterations in the records.

What we found over the years is that we found imprints of records that are missing. They’re imprinted on other pages. So we were able to figure out what really happened. We found missing pages. We found addition to records that were written in one or two years after the baby was delivered and they were with language that attempted to avoid getting in trouble or liability. So many times we do find cover ups and it takes a lot of work to find those but we’re able to pursue the case after that.

MS. WALSH: My experience has been that if the hospital is going to cover up something it’s probably already been done by the time the patient would try to get the records, or the attorney. We have on occasion the hospital has slipped up and they make a note in the record that the file is already in the legal department when we or the client tries to get the records. So normally we don’t ask the clients to get their records. We may want if they have a copy of an MRI report or something, but typically we would get those records. Hospital’s risk management departments know when they see a lawyer requesting records that there is a lawsuit being investigated, but in my experience when the hospital knows they have a problem with a case they’ve already changed the records before the patient could get to them.

MR. REITER: So, if you feel that your baby was injured in the hospital and there is a cover up, feel free to call us for a free consolation. We’ll have you in. We can talk about it, look at the records. We can find out if they covered something up.