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From our home base near Detroit, Michigan, the attorneys at ABC Law Centers (Reiter & Walsh, P.C.) handle cases across Michigan and throughout the United States. Our award-winning birth injury attorneys and medical experts are among the top in the nation, earning our place on the Michigan Lawyers Weekly‘s annual survey of “Million-Dollar Verdicts & Settlements.” We will tirelessly fight to obtain the compensation your family deserves, and no fees are paid to our firm until we win your case. The following birth injury and cerebral palsy case results are just a few of the multi-million dollar outcomes attained by our team.

How we calculate settlements & verdicts

Below, you’ll see our cases split into separate sections for verdicts and settlements. A verdict is a decision made by a jury or trial on a given case. A settlement is the formal resolution of a lawsuit between disputing parties that takes place without proceeding to a final court judgment. The first sum listed is the total value of the settlement or verdict plus the expected yield of the annuity chosen. This is the maximum value of the settlement or verdict, because it takes into account the value of the annuity as it increases over time. The second value is the total value of the settlement or verdict (which includes the cost of the annuity, costs and attorney fees, medical liens, and the value put into a special needs trust).

To see a detailed explanation of what the below numbers mean, please visit our page on how we calculate our verdicts and settlements.

ABC Law Centers secured a $1.825 million settlement for a child with developmental delays and cognitive impairments due to deceleration of heart rate, overuse of the delivery drug Pitocin and delivery-related trauma.

The attorneys at ABC Law Centers obtained $1.55 million for a child with cerebral palsy due to mismanaged breathing problems (overventilation after birth & hypocarbia).

The birth injury attorneys at ABC Law Centers secured a settlement for a child with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), developmental delays, cognitive impairments, memory impairments, and delayed expressive and receptive language.

Twins with cerebral palsy and cognitive impairments due to undiagnosed and untreated chronic vessel disease in mother leading to placental abruption

One twin with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy resulting in mild cerebral palsy, developmental delays.

Mild cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, and developmental delays due to delayed labor and forceps delivery

Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy from birth asphyxia, failure to deliver high birth weight baby via C-section