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A Birth Injury Diagnosis Is Difficult, But Your Legal Team Shouldn't be. Let Us Secure Your Child's Future.

A Birth Injury Diagnosis Is Difficult, But Your Legal Team Shouldn't be. Let Us Secure Your Child's Future.

ABC Law Centers is one of the few firms in the country that only handles birth injury cases. We understand that every child’s situation is unique and how difficult it can be to navigate your child’s birth injury diagnosis. That’s why we’ve cultivated the knowledge and experience to handle these complex cases. We consult with an extensive network of medical professionals and life-care planning professionals. We are here during this difficult time to answer your questions, provide you with resources, and work to secure a lifetime of care for your child.

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Combining legal acumen with compassion, we are committed to achieving the justice and compensation our clients rightly deserve.

We recognize the profound impact that birth injuries can have on families, both emotionally and financially. With a deep understanding of these challenges, our team of attorneys is devoted to advocating for families affected by birth injuries. What sets us apart is our unique advantage: an in-house registered nursing staff, an invaluable resource that enhances our legal approach and ensures comprehensive support for our clients throughout their journey towards resolution.

Client Success Stories: ABC Law Centers Deliver Justice and Peace of Mind.

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When you see your child suffer because of someone’s mistake, you want justice. As a mother, you want someone in your corner to fight as hard as you would, and I luckily found that in Jesse Reiter and his staff!

- Wendy

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ABC Law Centers prevailed in securing financial relief to our son and ultimately our family. Having the heavy burden of lifetime costs to care for our disabled son lifted has been a true gift.

- Jenni

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After the traumatic birth of my son, I was left confused, afraid, and seeking answers. We needed someone we could trust and depend on. ABC Law Centers was just that.

- Michael

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This is the legal team that you want on your side. They are organized, empathetic, and worked tirelessly for our family. We were also extremely impressed with their wide-sweeping network of professionals who assisted on our case. Their experience and knowledge of law ...

- Maggie

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Electronic fetal monitoring is critical not only in labor and vaginal delivery but also during Cesarean sections (C-sections). When performing a C-section, medical professionals must ensure that fetal heart rate monitoring is done as continuously as possible. Sometimes there is an interruption in fetal monitoring from the time when the monitor is removed (which...

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If a baby looks abnormally blue, they may have cyanosis, a condition caused by poor circulation or insufficient oxygenation of the blood. Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body. When the red blood cells have a full supply of oxygen, they are bright red in color (hence the name). If they do not have...

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Jaundice, the yellowing of the skin caused by a buildup of bilirubin (the product of red blood cell breakdown) in a baby’s blood and tissues, is often harmless when treated properly. However, when the level of bilirubin in a baby’s blood rises to a dangerous level, bilirubin can enter brain tissue. Bilirubin is toxic to...

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