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Therapeutic hypothermia (cooling) is a relatively new treatment option for newborns with the brain injury called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). The purpose of brain cooling is to slow the baby’s metabolic rate, giving injured brain cells time to recover and minimizing the spread of damage to other parts of the brain. Research has shown that babies given therapeutic hypothermia have better survival rates from birth injury and are less likely to develop permanent disabilities such as cerebral palsy (1). An experienced birth injury attorney can assess if your child may have needed brain cooling as a result of a medical error.

Medical malpractice and brain cooling

Sometimes, errors in judgment or practice by medical professionals can occur. In fact, if your baby required cooling as a result of a birth injury and is permanently disabled, there is a good possibility that negligence occurred, and that may be responsible for your child’s injuries.

Medical errors in hypothermia therapy cases include:

  • Failure of medical professionals to prevent hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy/birth asphyxia in the first place, by:
  • Failure to diagnose HIE
  • Failure to inform the parents of hypothermia therapy as a treatment option
  • Failure to begin hypothermia within six hours of birth
  • Failure to transfer the infant to an appropriate facility with hypothermia capabilities
  • Failure to have in place and follow organizational policies and protocols for hypothermia therapy

Trusted brain cooling attorneys 

 Children who have experienced a birth injury may have permanent disabilities that may require costly treatments, equipment, and round-the-clock care. It can be difficult for parents to afford these necessary expenses. A brain cooling attorney can help obtain settlement money to cover these costs and maximize your child’s future. Pursuing a case also keeps doctors and medical organizations accountable for their mistakes. 

Due to the complexity of these cases, it’s very important to choose an attorney that specializes in birth injury cases. The attorneys at  ABC Law Centers  specifically deal with birth injury cases, especially those involving birth asphyxia and cooling. Contact us for a free case evaluation. We will never charge any fees unless we win or settle your case. We pride ourselves on our transparency and individualized attention for all of our clients.

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Video: birth asphyxia (HIE) and brain injury

Watch a video of Jesse Reiter and Rebecca Walsh discussing how a lack of oxygen at birth can cause a brain injury.


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