My baby was born prematurely, and my doctor didn't try to stop the labor. Could this cause cerebral palsy?

Yes. A baby is considered full term at about 39 weeks. When a baby is delivered prior to 37- 39 weeks, it is considered premature and poses some significant health risks such as respiratory or breathing problems, brain bleeds or hemorrhages, jaundice, infections, and cerebral palsy. It is a doctor’s responsibility to attempt to maintain the pregnancy for as long as possible with the goal of delivery at, or very near to, full-term. This allows the baby more time to fully develop and avoid complications.

Preventing Premature Delivery

There are a number of treatments that doctors may use in order to delay labor and premature birth. The most common include:

  • Bed rest at home or in the hospital, lying on left side
  • Hydration by drinking fluids or IV
  • Medications to halt labor (e.g. Magnesium sulfate, brethine,)
  • Progesterone hormone treatment
  • Medication to help prevent infection
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the baby through tests such as ultrasound, biophysical profile (BPP), non-stress test (NST), amniotic fluid volume index (AFI)
  • Medications to help the baby’s lungs develop faster in case measures to prolong pregnancy fail to prevent preterm birth

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