Hospital mistakes and errors

Recent research highlights the epidemic of preventable hospital mistakes. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year and millions are becoming severely injured as a result of preventable hospital / physician errors, and the medical profession isn’t taking meaningful action to curtail this problem. Medical errors affect adults, children and even newborn babies (birth injuries).

A teen is left with brain damage after nurses fail to react to her huge loss of blood and change in vital signs; hospital then pressures grieving parents to remove daughter from life support

Jahi McMath underwent routine surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. After surgery, nurses failed to pay proper attention to Jahi’s vital signs and react to excessive blood loss. Jahi’s mother had to scream for help, but when the physicians arrived, Jahi’s heart stopped beating and she had to be resuscitated. Jahi’s brain was deprived of oxygen and the hospital has delcared her to be brain dead.