Jesse Reiter Quoted in AAJ Article

Jesse Reiter of Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers has been quoted in the American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) July 21, 2015 online Law Reporter article “Audio Recording of Colonoscopy Reveals Improper Treatment of Patient.” The article details the case of a man whose cell phone accidentally recorded the gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy and the…

Michigan HIE Attorney Uses Infographic to Show the Use of Hypothermia Treatment

Award-Winning Michigan Birth Trauma and HIE Attorney Explains the Use of Hypothermia Treatment HIE, also known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, birth asphyxia, or neonatal encephalopathy, is a dangerous brain injury that can occur when a traumatic birth restricts the flow of oxygen to a baby’s brain. Currently, the only known treatment for HIE is called hypothermia treatment….

Choosing a Birth Injury Attorney

If you believe that your child has potentially suffered from a birth injury—make sure to hire a birth injury attorney. Compared to general personal injury attorneys who handle dog bites and auto accidents, birth injury attorneys only handle cases specific to birth injuries and birth trauma. That means they have more knowledge and experience with these specific