Attorney Emily Thomas Admitted to Practice in the U.S. Supreme Court!

This past week, attorney Emily Thomas of Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers was sworn in to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court! What exactly does that mean for our clients?

It’s a great honor to be sworn into practice in the Supreme Court, because it means that you are part of a group of attorneys that can argue in the highest court in the United States. While the court only sees the arguments of about 80 cases a year, it’s an impressive and useful credential.

Emily’s admission is the latest in ensuring that our attorneys are always able to serve our clients best, no matter the circumstances. Applicants to the court must be sponsored by two existing members of the Bar of the Supreme Court, who vouch for the applicant’s qualifications and moral and professional character, and, after approval, the applicant has the ability to argue cases before the Supreme Court. Congratulations, Emily, on your admittance!

Clients always want the best representation they can get, and Emily Thomas is just one of the excellent attorneys our clients speak to. She built her legal career advocating for those with special needs and disabilities, and every day she continues developing this passion at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers. She has received the Wayne Law Bacow Scholarship for high ethical and professional standards, and has been listed by SuperLawyers Magazine as a ‘Rising Star,’ and by Michigan Lawyers Weekly as a 2015 ‘Up and Coming’ Lawyer. Last year, she was also a finalist for the Regeana Myrick Outstanding Young Lawyer Award. Emily is just one of our several outstanding attorneys who have won accolades in their legal practice! Clients can be sure to trust ABC Law Centers with their birth trauma litigation needs.

The attorneys at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers would like to extend their congratulations to Emily: Congratulations, and to an excellent 2017!

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