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Yearly, 500,000 Children Experience Adverse Medication Effects

500,000 Children Each Year Experience Adverse Effects from MedicationMedication side effects are one of the most common complications of pediatric care. In fact, more than 500,000 children each year experience adverse effects from their prescriptions. Regrettably, the majority of children who experience side effects are four and younger. Alarmingly, the drugs with the greatest number of adverse side effects are also the most commonly prescribed, such as penicillin. While all parents hope to trust medical professionals with their children’s health, it is, unfortunately, necessary to monitor their actions closely. The trusted birth injury attorneys at Reiter & Walsh will provide a few tips to help you protect your child from experiencing adverse effects from medication.

How Do I Protect My Child from Adverse Medication Effects?

1. Communicate regularly and clearly with your child’s doctor

It is critical to have a communicative relationship with your child’s doctor. Ask everything you need or want to know about your child’s medication, including information about dosages, side effects, signs, symptoms, and expectations. You may also choose to discuss available options for alternative medications with fewer side effects.

Side Effects from Medication | Pediatric Care2. Make sure your doctor is aware of any adverse side effects

Do your research not only on the antibiotic your child was prescribed, but also on your doctor. This will help ensure that your child stays protected from any unexpected adverse effects from medication.

3. Be aware of new signs or symptoms that your child is experiencing adverse effects from medication

Closely monitor your child’s health and behavior before and during the use of a new medication in order to detect any new or unusual signs or symptoms that may indicate adverse side effects. Regularly ask your child how he or she is feeling. If you or your child notice any health changes or negative side effects, seek medical help and speak with your child’s doctor.

4. Read and carefully follow medication instructions

This is arguably the most important thing you can do to help your child avoid negative side effects from medication. Do whatever you need to do to give your child the right amount of medication at the right time of day. If the medication has rules to stay away from certain foods or activities, it is critical to follow them exactly.

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