Andrea Shea | RN, C-EFM

Learn How Andrea Shea, RN, C-EFM Contributes to the Reiter & Walsh, P.C. Birth Injury Legal Team

Andrea Shea, RN | Reiter & Walsh, P.C. Medical StaffAndrea Shea’s nursing career began with a desire to make a difference in children’s lives. With this goal in mind, she chose to pursue a Bachelors in Nursing from Oakland University with a focus on obstetrics. Now, she works with the team at Reiter & Walsh, P.C. to evaluate sensitive and complex birth injury cases. Her unique combination of skills in case analysis and nursing make her an ideal fit for our birth injury firm. She spends weeks, sometimes months looking through medical records for a variety of potential errors. Finding these errors allows her to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable individuals.

After graduating from Oakland University, she began working in the Labor and Delivery unit at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Her obstetrical perinatal nursing practice was cultivated by a team of experienced registered nurses and physicians. The residency program fostered further development of her skills. Through collaborative coordination of care, critical thinking, attention to detail and interventions for high-risk patients, she was able to leave a lasting impact on the patients she treated.

She was also an Obstetrical Clinical Instructor at Oakland University. During this time, she provided hands-on instruction for maternal child nursing and taught critical thinking skills to her pupils. In the classroom, she learned how to convey complicated medical information to adults and ultimately cultivate more conscientious, meticulous medical personnel.

In her experience, she also learned the importance of patient advocacy. She believes the most important aspect of nursing is the commitment to patients and the responsibility to be an advocate for others when they cannot advocate for themselves. This is especially true for voiceless, unborn children. Working on their behalf is what she finds to be most rewarding.

Through her case evaluation process at Reiter & Walsh, P.C., she reviews medical records to find any errors that may have occurred during labor and delivery. Knowing that she can be a part of giving children a higher quality of life gives her a sense of duty with her work every day.

Andrea is a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) and maintains a certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring (C-EFM). Her professionalism and compassion give her an indispensable role in birth injury case evaluation and assessment.

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Reiter & Walsh, P.C. registered nurses Lesley Atton (left) and Andrea Shea (right) evaluate a birth injury case