What to Expect from a Birth Injury Lawsuit




When we decide to pursue a case, we thoroughly investigate it. From the very beginning we need to get all relevant medical records to a particular birth. That includes a mothers prenatal care records, labor and delivery records, and neonatal records. Which is the period of time that a baby spends in the hospital after birth. We pull all those records together and we go through them with a fine tooth comb, creating a detailed picture of what exactly happened in the course of this pregnancy to the birth of this child. and how this child develops after birth as they grow. This is really important, and once we have this picture and put these pieces together we go and discuss with expert doctors, and expert nurses about what happened, was the standard of care provided to this parent, and to this child at the level it should have been with accordance with reasonable and experienced doctors in that profession, nurses in that profession, and the care they are providing on a daily basis? That’s sort of the very important process that takes a lot of time to prepare that picture so when we file a case we have all the facts, we’re knowledgeable and armed and ready to be successful with your case.