The Importance of Therapy for Children with Birth Injuries

Why is therapy important for a child with birth injuries?


Hello, my name is Emily Thomas. I’m an attorney with Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers, and I practice in the area of birth injury. I’m often asked by families that have a child that suffered a birth injury, “what can I do to help them”? One of the most important that things a family can do to help their child is to enroll them in therapy. After doing this [working with birth injured children] for many years, I have seen children who have been fortunate to get lots of therapy because of insurance or other supports that allow them to do that, and I’ve seen children whose families have really struggled to get the coverage for therapy. I can say that therapy makes a huge difference in the life of a child that has been injured at birth. There are different types of therapies that may be available—physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy—and the goal of all these therapies is to improve their quality of life, improve their endurance and their stamina, and the participation in activities of daily living that they may struggle with. Any therapy can actually help them master it, whether it be a Lokomat walking robot that helps them take their first steps, or occupational therapy that helps them use utensils such as fork and knives, or speech therapy that helps them overcome things like dysarthria or ataxia or other expressive language-type disorders. Therapy is the most important thing that a family can do at home or with their care providers to help their child.

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